About us

Our company was founded in 2005. In a very short time we expanded by establishing a larger (now known) type of company - Storage Systems Assembly, s.r.o. We have experience with all kinds of storage systems:

  • pallet racks,
  • mobile racking systems,
  • entry racks,
  • sliding racks,
  • console racks,
  • Mini-load racks,
  • shelf racks,
  • rails and roller tracks.

Our team includes 65 trained workers with forklift and platform passes (installers, welders, electricians). All workers are trained in both safety and work at height
Many of them hold a VCA certificate, which is mainly valid in Belgium and the Netherlands
The company also has an extensive fleet with all the equipment needed to assemble all types of systems
We are used to working all over Europe:

  • France,
  • Belgium,
  • Germany,
  • Netherlands,
  • Spain

and we also have experience working in Asia and the Caribbean.

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